Vintage Christmas Ornaments from an Estate Sale

I did a little estate sale-ing this weekend and had a little luck. That luck came in form of a big bag full of  vintage ornaments. Most of them were your standard color orbs with the shine taken off by age, but there were three teardrop gems in the bag as well. For $1, I couldn't pass them up. After some digging, I found a few other ones worth keeping: a matte, translucent orb (which I've never seen before), a few string-covered balls and a single, shiny blue drop. They'll all be on the front of the tree this year.


  1. Speaking of, I once found a bagful of vintage Christmas stuff that someone threw away; the plastic bag was sitting on top of a trash can in an alley in Los Angeles. Feathered peacocks, reflectors, NOMA bubble lights, garland still wrapped around the origial cardboard, bulbs, etc.: