Answers about Baxton Studio Furniture

Three years ago I wrote about Baxton Studio and their inexpensive mid-century modern furniture. Sure they're knock offs, but I still believe that not everyone needs to own an original. That said, it does feel a little wrong to buy a knock off (to me), but from what I know about industrial design rights Baxton Studio is totally within their rights.

With knock offs always comes the question of quality. Three years ago, there's wasn't really any reviews of Baxton Studio furniture. Since a few years have passed, there's more info on the internet (mainly on Reddit and Amazon. And the culmination of info seems to be "not bad for the price." You're not getting the quality of designer furniture, but you're getting the look for a lot less and the furniture isn't going to break underneath you.

So, if you're looking for some cheap mid-century modern furniture, Baxton Studio might be worth looking into.

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