Mid-Century Art: About 1,400 Pieces Found

I love mid-century art and I do my best to promote the love of art in general, in any small way I can. Today, that small way is making sure everyone who reads this mid-century blog knows about the treasure trove of art found in Germany, including previously unknown works, and the unfolding story there. I'm obsessed and you should be too.

If you're not, let me try and sell it to you in one sentence: Authorities found over 1 billion dollars worth of art, possibly including lost master works, in a small apartment in Germany that belonged to a man who was the son of a Jewish man working for the Nazis, who saved these pieces from fire or stole them from other Jews, or both.

You can see a very small gallery of select works here. And read more about the story on BBC, NPR and the Times.

It's a complex, mysterious and interesting situation. I'm sure there's more to come in the next few days, weeks and possibly years. And I'll be obsessed till the end, which is probably when the movie will come out.

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