Beeswax Votives in Religious Candles

I love beeswax candles, but I don't love the look of a boring yellow candle sitting on my mantle. On the opposite side, there are few things as graphically interesting as religious candles and the glass jar can be used over and over. And, as a bonus, they'll usually only run you about a dollar or so. 

So, buy a few religious candles, melt the candle down till you can fit one of these these beeswax votives on top and use it as the best beeswax candle holder out there (and probably the cheapest beeswax candle holder too).

I think they look best in a cluster. I need to add a few more to my collection, but the end result is something like this.

And because beeswax candles are pretty expensive, you really only need to burn one votive at a time. You can leave the rest unlit and they'll still look impressive. 

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