Authentic Mid-Century Front Doors

I am really happy with our mid-century modern front door, but for some reason I've been really noticing the front doors on the mid-century home images I've been seeing.

I ran across a few with windows like Crestview Doors, but not in the same pattern. (There are also plenty of images with mid-century modern front doors exactly like Crestview Doors patterns.)

And a few without windows.

I love the initial painted on the front door idea in this last image, but that has got to make selling the house a bit of a pain.


  1. A friend just gave us an actual vintage door that looks like the 3-window Grover made by Crestview. All we need to do is take it to the guy who refinishes all our furniture for the store and get it stripped and painted. We're all so excited!

  2. I live in a mid century neighborhood, too. We have a neighbor that is the original owner of his house and when he had it built, he had his initial "C" put into the brick work right in the front of the house. I've always wondered about selling it down the road and if only buyers with the initial "C" will be interested. The last picture you posted made me think of that.

    1. There's a home by me that has an entire last name in the iron work of the fence. I often wonder if the original family still lives there or if a new family just decided it would be too much trouble to change.

  3. Hi, just browsing around your nice midcentury blog. I like the diamond shaped front door with the matching garage door. Found you on Sarah's HouseCrazy blogroll.