Mid-Century Doors, Garages and Shutters

Here's a fairly short article, "Adding the Final Touch," from the March 1952 Popular Mechanics Craftsman section about mid-century garage doors, mid-century shutters and mid-century doors.

More than a just good read, it's got some great photos of some very interesting mid-century modern door designs with some very brave mid-century paint colors.

The key phase from the article about the mid-century design of these modern doors is, "A bright-colored door entrance off-set with a smart, abstract motif in white." I think that could be carried to any mid-century modern door design you might be looking to create these days.

But I also might be a bit biased, based on my new mid-century modern door.


  1. I love finding the old literature from the 50's and 60's! That is one fun article on the MCM doors!

  2. This is such a great post! Been looking for doors like this!!!!

  3. This door in my MCM house has always puzzled me.It is the door going out to the garage and still has the original beautiful "maple" finish.My wife has always thought that this was the original entry door to our 1966 vintage house but the fit is for a standard interior door.At first I thought that the original contractor may have cut it down from another job,or that this may have been the original door but the maple hardly matches the two toned mahogany grain and the larger entry door is made from mahogany..I am myself a mid century modern person (literally) and have had alterations myself.I was18yo.in 1966 and remember this type of front entry door.I have looked into the Crestview doors, but would like to keep to the original entry door as much as possible.has anyone else been faced with this dilemma?

    1. Luckily, I've never been faced with that type of dilemma. But if you like the door, you might be able to add some details to it like the ones above. A few thin pieces of wood and simple, straight cuts, a bit of paint and you've got a new mid-century looking door. On the other hand, you can't go wrong with a Crestview Door.