Mid-Century Screen Door

The weather in Austin is starting to come down from its record-high heat, which has me thinking about screen doors. We have three doors in our mid-century home: front, back and off the breakfast nook. We can't put a screen door on the front door because we don't want to cover up our Crestview Door (once we actually get it installed) and we can't put a screen door on the back door because we have a pet door for the cat there. But we can install a screen door in the breakfast nook, which, once it's fall, should give us a nice breeze throughout the house.

But me being me, and wanting this door to fit the mid-century design of the house, I can't just go to the local hardware store and pick up your standard screen door. So I've been wondering the neighborhood, spying on people's screen doors and trying some reference points online. There isn't much online, the only thing I could find was this vintage screen door ad.
The text reads:
For Any Style of Architecture
Rusco Combination Doors harmonize with all styles of homes, large and small ... add distinction to every enterence ... make hallways light and friendly-looking. They're sturdily built of tubular steel to give years of service.

Self-Storing Glass and Screen
It's a screen door and a storm door all in one! You never need to change or store anything. Self-storing upper and lower glass inserts and lower screen insert give full protection, yet permit ventilation as desired.
I love the letter detail in the iron work, but I doubt I could find the right letter in new old stock. And in Austin we really don't need a storm door, just a screen door. So the search continues.

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