Mid-Century Screen Door Maker in Austin

I never realized Austin was such a door city. Not only are we home to Crestview Doors and their mid-century door kits, but we're also home to Hip Haven, makers of the above screen door.

A bit from their website:
Austin, Texas-based Hip Haven, Inc., headed up by owner and designer Kelley Sandidge, opened for business in early 2002. Hip Haven designs are carried in stores throughout the United States, and are regularly featured in the national media.

Mid 20th-century modern style is our inspiration, with its varied influences from atomic to primitive, but like most of our customers we will include accents that depart from the style and allow it to be interpreted in new and interesting ways.
And that is one fantastic mid-century screen door they make. The only problem is that it's a bit outside of the budget I set for our vintage screen door. Since the door at my mid-century ranch that the screen is going on is rarely used or seen, we don't need such a beautiful screen door. But if we were putting one on the front door, this would be it.

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  1. I love Hip Haven, and I've always loved those screen doors. They really capture what screen doors were like when I was a kid.

    We sell Kelley's bullet planters in our store, and they are very popular. Great stuff!