Authentic Mid-Century Paint Colors

Here's a handy little cheat sheet for mid-century paint colors: a 1953 color card from O'Brien paint.
The brochure reads:
Use this NEW 1953 "COLOR CARD" in your planning
You'll head the style parade with these beautiful new colors — selected by leading authorities to make your choice easier!

Colors of the Year—
Ever year O'Brien presents a new palette of selected Colors of the Year. This "card" shows some of these for 1953. Use it in your planning. Then see actual full-page swatches of all 114, in the New Manual at your dealer's!
It's a nice companion piece to the list authentic mid-century exterior paint colors.


  1. Populuxe books also has some great old paint chip cards. Have you seen those?

  2. I haven't. I'll have check my local library (or Amazon if the library doesn't have them). Thanks for the tip.