Map for Your Travel-Themed Nursery

ohdeedoh has a nice collection of maps that would be perfect for an travel nursery.

For the map in our travel-themed nursery (image above), my graphic designer wife created the simplified version of the world map and we used a digital projector to display it on the wall. We then just painted inside the lines and voila, a room-sized map painted on the wall.


  1. Such a great wall! It has so much potential for growing with a child. I can envision older kids putting colorful pins everywhere they've visited...or places they've learned about. My daughter will love this idea.

  2. Thanks! Pins everywhere that we travel is exactly what we were thinking as the little one grows up. Maybe with their favorite picture of the place attached.

    The grandparents live in other parts of the country so we're also thinking we'll add photos of them and other loved ones pinned in their cities.