Kent Coffey Perspecta Dining Table

Mr. Modtomic sure knows his stuff. He commented that my last mid-century Austin find might not be a knock off Broyhill Brasilia dining table, but might be a true blue Kent Coffey Perspecta dining table.

I can't find any images of a Perspecta dining table, so I can't confirm. But the look is spot on. It wouldn't surprise me if on the bottom of this table (which is somehow still for sale on craigslist) you found a Kent Coffey maker's mark.

Now I have to go do some more research on the Perspecta line because I'm quickly falling in love with it.


  1. Did you ever confirm this is a Kent Coffey? I have the same table and can't find a thing on it!

    1. The look is right, but I haven't confirmed it or seen this table in persons to look for a Perspecta maker's mark.

  2. should be marked with some numbers on the bottom. 1730 is the code for Perspecta dining room group.