Modern Art for a Mid-Century Home

My wife and I don't often agree on art. In fact, we rarely agree on art. While I love the theoretical debates that blossom from those disagreements, it sometimes makes it hard to fill the walls.

So when we find an artist that we can agree on, we know to snatch up a piece. And that was the case with Jerry Brem.

We had a big blank spot in our breakfast nook, where the previous owners hung an old lady painting and set up lighting to highlight the art.

It's a pretty important spot because you see it as soon as you step into the living room, and since we decided to not have a formal dining room there's no table to break that wall from the rest of the house. My wife was hoping for "something that reminds us of Austin, so we continue to treasure it while we're here and can remember it if we ever leave."

Jerry's paintings fit that to a tee. They tend to be bright and colorful, just like Austin. And, while he lives in North Carolina now, he spent some time in Austin — you might have seen his paintings hanging in Amy's Ice Creams. And the guitar painting we picked is a definite reminder of the wonderful and vibrant music scene here in Austin, TX.

Jerry was nice enough to show us some of the other work he's bringing to shows these days. I was blown away by his most recent piece.

You can see more of Jerry's work and a list of upcoming shows his website. I hear he'll ship paintings if one isn't near you.

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