Lessons from Mid-Century Design

I just came across Build's "10 Forgotten Lessons of Mid-Century Modern Design."

  1. Modestly nestling the home into the site rather than building “on top of” the ground feels better.
  2. Keep it simple.
  3. Good design creates a progression between privacy and transparency.
  4. Connecting the inside to the outside creates harmony with the site.
  5. Old school passive design is highly sustainable.
  6. Small, efficient bedrooms are perfectly pleasant.
  7. Outdoor rooms are just as important as indoor rooms.
  8. Screen walls offer privacy without cordoning off the interiors.
  9. Let nature do the work.
  10. Quality of light is more important than the light fixture.
They're good lessons for sure, but I'm not sure anyone who actually lives in a mid-century home or mid-century modern house has actually forgotten any of these rules. They kind of come with the territory of living in a MCM home.

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