Retro TV for the Modern Era

I like where this tread is headed. LG is releasing a new TV with all the modern amenities – HD screen, HDMI plugs, USB ports – but all the looks of a mid-century television. It's what I've been hoping electronics companies would start doing for a while.

From what I can decipher from Google Translate, the press release says that a "wood frame makes it feel like a classic Scandinavian-style design that emphasizes simplicity and modernity" and that there's a working channel dial, which makes me hope they didn't forget the most important modern convenience for a TV, the remote.

The head of marketing said that "customers have nostalgia of the old days" and that the TV is for people who think "interior design is important and are looking for something trendy and special." I couldn't agree more. The only sad part is this TV isn't going to be for sale in the States; it's only available in Korea. But hopefully it will be so popular that LG brings the design stateside.

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