I See a Red Door and I Want It Painted Blue

Perhaps it's a self-fulfilling prophecy or perhaps my neighbors know how to steal a good idea when they see one – a while back I started kicking around the idea that blue doors are the new red doors, and recently I've been a lot more blue doors showing up in my neighborhood and other mid-century Austin neighborhoods.

And it turns out it's a pretty authentically mid-century thing to do. We did it just to add a pop of color to our home, but there's no shortage of examples of mid-century homes with blue doors.

This one looks like the mid-century porthole door I recently came across.

Is it just me or are you see a few more blue doors in your neighborhood too?


  1. That trend hasn't hit Fort Worth yet, but then we aren't known as the mid-century capital of North Central Texas. Unfortunately, we see a lot more cheap-looking metal stars on everything here. Yee haw. :(

  2. I painted green rectangles on my door to look like the MCM windows on your Crestview.

  3. We always wanted a blue door - I have seen a few besides ours in Phoenix (we did ours in 2011 - Crestview Langston). It's funny I always see blue doors and think that their blue looks better then our blue....lol. We went with the vintage "Holiday Blue" from the Sherwin Williams line.

    1. Ohh, that almost looks like a Tiffany box. That's one way to turn your house into a present for yourself.