Broyhill Premier Mid-Century Furniture Brochure

A reader recently asked me about Broyhill Invitation grouping of furniture. I still can't find out a whole lot about the line other than it was made in the '50s and maybe into the early '60s. And the last two pages of this Broyhill brochure, which has the most information I've seen about the Invitation grouping anywhere.

But in looking for additional information, I did come across this mid-century Broyhill Premier brochure, which has some new images and illustrations of the line, as well as the Accent and Expression line.

I'm starting to get the sense that the Broyhill Premier Invitation grouping was one of their lower-cost lines of furniture, which is why there might not be as much information about it available. That said, it's still a Premier line, so it'd still be better quality than most furniture made today.

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