Libuse Niklova Inflatable Animals

One of my New York friends emailed me and said, "Hey, I saw these cool inflatable animals at the MoMA store. You should get them for your travel nursery."

My initial thought was, "How cool could these animals be?" Turns out, really cool because they're reissued Libuse Niklova inflatable animals. 

As part of the Century of the Child exhibit the Museum of Modern Art re-issued the inflatable toys using the original machinery. And my friend was right, they would fit pretty well in any mid-century modern travel-themed nursery. 

From the MoMA store:
Libuše Niklov á designed inflatable armchairs for children, which she later modified into whistling animal shapes. This transformation turned them into both toy and seat at the same time. They were so innovative that their production process was patented, and these re-editions are created using original machinery. Ages 2 to 4.

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  1. These are great. I loved the video of her son talking about his mother's work that you posted not long ago.