Dexter's Mid-Century Apartment

We have Netflix and no cable, so we watch TV shows seasons at a time. We just burned through three seasons of Dexter in about a month and I am now mildly obsessed with his apartment. You can see why I love the interior here and why I love the exterior here.

I think my favorite part is his bookshelf. Although, I didn't notice till today that it mirrors the support beams of the exterior — which makes me love it even more.

If you ask me, this would definitely be a mid-century building in Miami worth saving.


  1. The bookcase has always been my favorite thing about that set too.

  2. I noticed earlier this season that Dexter has a Lane Perception highboy dresser in his bedroom. My husband jumped when I screamed DRESSER! while watching. Hahaha! (Perception is my favorite Lane line!)

    1. Hmmm, I've never noticed his dresser. I'll have to keep an eye out when we get to the next season.