Mid-Century Modern Christmas Decorations

Some major stores are diving into mid-century modern Christmas decorations head first.

CB2 has a holiday collection that includes this mid-century ranch snow globe:

And this mid-century modern doll house, with what looks like a miniature Malm fireplace:
And it's much more affordable than the last mid-century dollhouse I mentioned.

While West Elm is carrying these modern nut crackers, elves and Santas:

And these double globe ornaments that would look great on any silver christmas tree:

Happy holidays!

2013 update: If you're looking for the double globe ornaments, CB2 has similar modern glass ball ornaments for sale.


  1. I'm hopelessly in love with the snow globe and am on my way to CB2 as soon as I post this comment. I'd buy the dollhouse too, if I had granddaughters.

  2. Bought it!!! And it was on sale...with free shipping. Thanks for this post.

  3. Nice. Glad I could help bring light to some fun mid-century holiday decorations. Love sharing that mid-century love.

  4. anyone know where I might find these ornaments?

    1. They were originally from West Elm. If you check closer to the holiday season they might have them again this year. I believe CB2 had something similar, so you might want to check there too.