Mid-Century Home Improvement, 2011

With the end of the year quickly approaching, I'm starting to wrap up this year's home improvement goals and think about plans for next year. I've updated our to-do list and I think next year is going to be the year of outdoor. I'm planning on focusing on the front porch and front and back yard, and maybe the carport area if I'm feeling extra ambitious.

Looking back a old improvements, there are a few small ones that made a big difference. Our electric bill has dropped by 20% since we've moved in, in part because of the solar screens we added and some insulation efforts we made. And our water bill is down 10% from fixing leaky plumbing and fixtures.

I think the biggest visual improvement of the year was painting the master bedroom closet. It's something I see every day, and every day I'm thankful I don't see bright green. Although the new ceiling fan is really nice too.


  1. The first thing on my 2012 To Do List is to have a new toilet installed. I'd rather buy furniture, but sometimes you have to have your priorities straight. :)

  2. I hear you; you've got to keep those essentials working and in good order. Even if it isn't pretty. I'm sure a few un-pretty things will have to be added to our list too.