Character-Culture-Citizenship Guides Number 26

Character-Culture-Citizenship Guides 26 - Keep hat and shoes clean
Besides #12 (which I'm still not sure I've see the real one of), #26 seems to be the hardest Character-Culture-Citizenship poster to track down. I'm not sure why they used a winter hat for a March poster.


  1. One of the reasons I like these so much is their randomness. Why do a poster about keeping your hat and shoes clean? Why just those two articles of clothing?

    By the way, my daughter and SIL are in Austin picking up several things for the store. If you see a red pickup pulling a white enclosed trailer, wave at them. :)

  2. I know. They seem like such a weird slice of 1930s life.

    And the hat seems like one of the least important pieces of clothing to keep clean. Shirt, pants and pretty much everything else seem more important.

    Are your daughter and SIL going to hit up the City-Wide Garage Sale? I'm going to my first one this weekend. I've heard good things. I'll give them a wave if I see them in the parking lot.