Character-Culture-Citizenship Guides Number 17

Character-Culture-Citizenship Guides 17 - Bank tomorrow
Once again, the Character-Culture-Citizenship poster itself only tells half the story. My guess is the lesson plan for this poster was something along the lines of, "Go to the bank tomorrow and start saving." However the poster by itself has more of a procrastination feel, "Put your money in the bank? It can wait till tomorrow."


  1. I had completely forgotten that one year in elementary school, one of our teachers had each of us start a little savings account. We all had small savings account books that were a little larger than a credit card. There must have been some sort of national push to get kids to save, because I Googled it, and I found a vintage button Los Angeles schools gave students.

  2. I recently saw an episode of Pawn Stars that had one of those savings books in it. It wasn't worth anything but it was interesting. The bank that gave out the book was the only place that had the key (at least for the one on the show) - so the only way to get your money out was to open an account with them!