Character-Culture-Citizenship Guides Number 13

Character-Culture-Citizenship Guides 13 - This or this or this?

And, Character-Culture-Citizenship Guides 13 - Read good books

#13 is the only Character-Culture-Citizenship Guide that I've seen two versions of. The early version with the hats has a copyright of 1932 and that's the only copyright date I've seen on this version. The second poster with the teddy bear I've seen with a range of dated copyrights and no copyright.

Back when I wrote about the Character-Culture-Citizenship Guides copyright, I mentioned that the posters without copyright dates on them were probably made in the 1940s, after the dated versions. If the non-copyrighted versions were printed before the copyrighted versions, they would probably have the "This or this or this" poster in the set, but since the "Read good books" version has the later copyright and a version with no copyright, the non-copyrighted versions probably came after the dated version.

The other interesting thing is that the same number poster has two different months. So, depending on the year they were printed, the poster months and numbers might be off by one. Which makes sense since the school year and school breaks probably shifted the dates/lesson plans around each year.

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