Vintage Austin Postcards

As I continue to look for inspiration for mid-century design and astetics, I keep finding little diamond mines in unexpected places. Today's diamond in the rough is Austin Postcard, which has a large collection of vintage postcards from Austin.

You can go way back and see postcards and photos from Austin before the Great Depression. Or you can check out what mid-century Austin looked like. For example, you can look up some pretty neat postcards and photos of the old Mueller Airport. Like this one:
For those of you not from Austin, The Mueller Airport (pronounced Miller though half of Austin pronounces it like Bueller with an M) was opened in 1936. The fantastic-looking tower and terminal you see in the photo were added in 1961. Mueller airport closed in 1999 and is now home to a mixed-used community. Plans are to keep the tower.

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  1. I really enjoyed looking at the Austin Postcard site. Thanks for sharing it.