Midwest Mid-Century Treasures: Vintage GE Fan

This aqua vintage GE oscillating fan with four blades sits high up and unplugged on the computer table at my mom's house - which is probably best for everyone, especially the small children running around the house.

From what I've seen there are a variety of these fans, all with an aqua base, but some with white blades or an aqua logo or aqua caging or silver caging or any random combination of those things.
The closest manufacturing date I could find is "sometime in the 1950s," so it's definitely a mid-century treasure.


  1. I love the looks of those fans, but I also have very vivid memories of my dad nearly losing a finger to one of them in 1952 when I was 4 years old. My solution: to get out my Little Golden Book "Dr. Dan the Bandage Man," who I thought could make everything OK. After all, the book actually had Bandaids in it...LOL

  2. I'm honestly surprised by how many people made it out of the '50s alive. Crazy industrial appliances, metal monkey bars, no safety guards. It must have been a dangerous time.

  3. I have this exact fan sitting on my living room end table. Still moves air but doesn't oscelate, although some times it tries! We pulled it out of the dusty caverns of my grandparents basement when they moved into a nursing home. Part of it makes me happy to be using a piece of history. Although when our 8 month old starts to crawl/walk it will be unplugged and placed on display. Untill then... keep it cool!