We Need Mid-Century Shutter Ideas

This weekend, I was looking at our to-do list for a simple project that I could get done in a day. And I started to think a new driveway gate could be the answer.

Then I thought that gate should match the planters in the front yard, which should match the new trim paint color, which should match the door, which should match the house numbers, which should match the mailbox, which should match the door knob. And then I took a nap instead of doing anything on our to-do list.

Realizing that all of this was connected, I broke out the Photoshop to see if I could come up with a plan. (Warning: terrible Photoshop work ahead.)

I showed it to the misses and her response was, "Why does our house look so boring?" Here's what the house looks like now (for the most part) that's not as boring:

We came to two conclusions: 1) The house needs shutters 2) The door is where we can make things pop.

So now I'm looking for mid-century shutters, which should match the driveway gate...


  1. Make sure the shutters are positioned correctly and the right size. When closed the shutters should cover the window. Even if not working shutters.

  2. I think shutters don't belong on your house. If you can, add thicker trim around the windows and paint it a contrasting color

  3. The one thing I have learned through seeing photos of bad shutter jobs, is that they need to be the right size and hung properly, otherwise they just look silly. That's good advice.

    And we're keeping our options open right now. I'm not sure shutters are the answer yet, but I do think we need something/some color on the front. Adding thicker trim could work, thanks for the idea.

  4. I don't think you need shutters. The pic you posted without them looks nice and clean.

  5. Well, we are going to have to take them off to replace them. If it looks good when they're down, we'll keep it nice and clean. Our concern is that it might look too boring in real life without some color around the window.