Authentic Mid-Century Doors

I've been taking random snaps of authentic mid-century doors when I come across them.

This vintage screen door is one of the best I've ever seen. A nice modern blue door behind it and it could really pop.

This mid-century door is a little unassuming and it's on an small, unassuming mid-century house that just went up for sale in my neighborhood. I wanted to take a pic because I'm assuming one or both will be torn down by the next owner.

Another neighborhood door captured during a nighttime run.

I've mentioned before that the glass on authentic mid-century doors tends to be a little bigger than their modern door counterparts. This door is proving the rule. And the vintage screen door is proving to be a showpiece itself.

This screen door is a little more modern, but I love the simple look to it. If I were to put a screen door on my place, it'd probably be something like this.

I'm hoping to capture more shots of mid-century doors in their natural environment (instead illustrated mid-century doors). When I do, I'll be sure to share.


  1. I'm dying a little over the screen door on that first one! I bet my apartment had something like that originally. A lot of this place intact from when it was built in 1952 (thankfully, the entire kitchen besides the refrigerator). What I wouldn't do to replace my cheesy screen door with one like that!

    1. It's honestly the best screen door I've ever seen. I think most people would kill for something like that on their front door.

  2. The screen doors had already been removed from my 1950 home when I bought it. I'd love it if I still had them.

  3. There is a door that I snapped a photo of on a mid-century apartment building nearby - I really should post it. I've never seen windows quite like it.