Mid-Century Lane Furniture, Sculptra Series?

An interesting ad popped up on Austin's craigslist. The lister claimed this mid-century cedar chest was a "Vintage Lane Cedar Chest from their Sculptra Series."

While I think it's a case of mistaken furniture names, one can understand someone mistaking this for a Broyhill Sculptra piece, I still wonder what mid-century Lane Furniture line this is actually from.

There isn't a cedar chest listed in the original Broyhill Sculptra brochure or original Sculptra price list, so it's definitely not a Broyhill Scupltra piece. (Plus the handles are similar, but not exact.)

But the similarities to Broyhill Sculptra are uncanny – the square motif, the cat-eye handles – and I wonder which series came first.

Does anyone recognize this vintage cedar chest or know what Land Furniture line it's from? I can't find any proof that a Lane Furniture Sculptra line ever existed.


  1. Well, according to the interwebs, between 1912 and 1987, 12 million or so chests were made. It appears that they copied popular styles of furniture so that matching (or similar) chests could be used with the furniture lines of other companies. I'm pretty sure from my brief research that Broyhill came first. Lane just parroted them. I would love to have this for my Sculptra set but I just bought a Sculptra headboard yesterday and my furniture budget is depleted.

    1. That makes sense: Other companies didn't make chests so Lane copied their style and made chest to fit in the a variety of popular furniture lines. This one is a good match for the Broyhill Sculptra line, so I could see why Sculptra owners would want it if they wanted a chest in their bedroom.

  2. Do you want to sell this piece? I'm a buyer. E-Mail me theunderground2k8@yahoo.com

    1. Hi Jeff,
      This piece was for sale on Austin's craigslist a while back, I was never the owner, and it looks like the posting has been deleted so I'm guessing it's already been sold. Sorry.

  3. This is a Lane Sweetheart chest. I own one just like it purchased by my grandmother in 1964 in washington state if that helps. Wish I could attach a pic of the one I own. The only difference is see is my had the pop up Shelf/storage and the guaranty aginst moth dammage on the lid right hand side.
    It has endured me and my siblings 5 grandkids and puppies...lol
    Fun to see the photo online here.
    Thank you