Mid-Century Modern Baby: Alexander Girard

I've mentioned Alexander Girard's children's items previously, but there are a few new things out there so I thought it was worth revisiting the subject.

We have the Alexander Girard memory game and the kid really loves it.

The cards themselves have some outstanding designs, very memorable.

Like every other house with a kid, we burn through coloring books. So it's good there's Alexander Girard coloring book.

Speaking of coloring, we're still learning our colors so Alexander Girard's Color is the perfect bedtime board book.

And the kid is really into puzzles right now, so the Alexander Girard Eden giant floor puzzle might be the perfect holiday gift.

The one thing the kid won't be getting is what might be the most expensive ABC blocks ever made.

While they're gorgeous, they're just too expensive for wood blocks that will probably end up with teethmarks on them.


  1. I love my grandkids, but they're not getting a $100 set of blocks either. :)

    1. You love your grandkids and I love my kid, but honestly, no one needs $100 ABC blocks. They're just going to be donated to Goodwill in a year.