VW Color Chart of Mid-Century Paint Colors

I've mentioned using mid-century car paint colors as inspiration for your mid-century modern color palette. And I've hinted at my current '60s VW obsession. Well, worlds collided today when I happen upon this 1964 VW color chart.

Those hoods could be solid inspiration for mid-century modern exterior paint colors.

And these neat little car-shaped mid-century paint chips are just a cute part of a well designed brochure.


  1. In the mid-60s my best friend drove a brand new Cherry Red VW Beetle. I didn't have a car in high school, so she and I went everywhere in her bug. A few years later, during college and a few years thereafter, my husband and I had a Yukon Yellow Beetle (his), a Adriatic Blue Karmann Ghia (mine) and a Olympic Blue Super Beetle (mine). I traded the Karmann Ghia for the Super Beetle, and I've missed that car ever since! He traded his yellow Beetle for a Spring Green Camaro with a black vinyl top, which caused him no remorse whatsoever...LOL

    Thanks for bringing back some good memories...

  2. I like the light green, fourth down on the right.

  3. This is just creative excellence and exiting colors. My fav is always Cherry Red. @Lisa