Done: Put in new a bathroom mirror

Another weekend, another weekend project. This time we put up a new bathroom mirror. The best way to describe the old mirror is yellow with floral print, so it had to go. You can see the corner of it in this photo:
We installed this mirror because we're looking to make the main bathroom look more like a spa, and because it goes perfectly with our mid-century modern bathroom accessories.

Back when we first started thinking about replacing the mirror, we were going to use the circle version of this mirror, but after looking at the space some more, the larger oval mirror was a better fit. And we got exactly what we were looking for, a clean looking modern mirror that's going to help the bathroom look and feel like a spa bathroom.


  1. Where's the after photo?

  2. what vanity light did you use?

    1. Just overhead lights in this bathroom, but we did put some vanity lights in our master bathroom. We went with these lights, but I think any of these modern bathroom scones would like nice with a mirror like this.