The Mid-Century Modern Art of Pyrex Designs

I've been hunting vintage Pyrex bowls at estate sales recently. They scream mid-century kitchen and look great even if you don't have a full set. 

Pocono Modern has an entire line of Pyrex-inspired art that you can hang right alongside your Pyrex collection. The Pyrex designs make a perfect transitions to paper, even when they're simplified and streamlined to give them a more modern look.

The good thing about Pyrex and Pocono Modern is that no matter what color your kitchen is, they probably have something that matches.


  1. The Corning Museum of Glass has an awesome "history of Pyrex" display they put together for the 100th anniversary. My wife and I went to take a look last month (we live nearby)...pretty sure they have examples of nearly all patterns made, right back to the beginning. Pretty cool!

    1. That sounds pretty great. I'd love to see all the designs in one place.

  2. these designs are fantastic enough that they look like modern clip art. Putting all of the designs in one room would look like a very clashy 1950's ticky tacky home. Just enough against a white background would be fantastic.

  3. That's awesome. These are really practical, too.