A Poorly Painted Broyhill Sculptra

I'm almost never a fan of the "I painted this mid-century piece and it looks modern now" trend, but people can do whatever they want with their own furniture. However, sometimes you see a piece and you just want to save it. Especially if it's a Broyhill Sculptra commode (side table).

The beauty that is hidden under all that paint.


  1. Oh dear God. You bought it? That's gonna take a LOT of work! Oddly enough, The front, if done better, kinda looks (gulp) good?

    1. Oh no, I did not buy it. I shed a tear and thought about buying it to get it back to its proper state, but it would just be too much work.

      The front could be interesting if it wasn't so... circus-y. A simple white band in the middle square could look good (if that area was too damaged to refinish properly).

  2. I've seen that exact piece for sale online and too to instagram for shaming! It hurts deeply when I see that people have done that to a piece of Broyhill!

  3. Replies
    1. You are braver than me. I'd love to see the after pictures.

    2. Thank you. It was horrid. Looked like a 5 year old finger painted it. Do you have pics?