Random Mid-Century Pictures from ATX

I've amassed another collection of photos that are interesting enough to share, but not cohesive enough to build a full post around. So here are some pretty pictures to look at.

A red vintage screen door with a mid-century door behind it.

Another wooden mid-century front door. I've said it before and I'll say it here because these two doors make good examples, authentic mid-century exterior doors have bigger windows than their modern counterparts.

And a red mid-century modern front door, although this one does have pretty big windows.

Some modern landscaping with gray stones and cement slabs. I love the clean lines this creates.

An old apartment building in my neighborhood with a collection of mid-century globe lights.

The same complex had these large modern rusted-metal planters.

They're a great look, but probably a little big for most mid-century homes.

My mom recently picked up this vintage metal tea holder.

And this red and white Belgium apothecary jar.

And finally, I came across this bench that had the wood replaced with old corrugated metal. It made for interesting look and the fresh blue paint is a nice contrast.


  1. Those big planters are fantastic. I'm impressed that the owner of the apartment complex went to the expense of having them installed.

    1. Yeah, it's a little weird because the apartment building isn't the greatest place. It's almost like the owner said, "Let's install some really expensive planters and no one will notice the rest of the stuff." Like the fact that only 3 out of the 12 globe lights actually work. But end result, really nice planters for us to look at.

  2. Ahh I just found 4 of those apothecary jars at a local thrift store here in Jersey was super excited! And only $3 what a deal.