Blue Genie Art Bazaar 2012

The 2012 Blue Genie Art Bazaar opens today and runs till Dec. 24th. If you're in Austin, it's a great place to pick up some art for your mid-century home. Some of my favorite local artists show there year after year and I almost always find one or two more to fall in love with. And it's usually a pretty good place to do some holiday shopping.

I picked up this gray owl from Blue Genie themselves at the Bazaar a while back. It lives in our play room, right next to our rosewood buffet, and we love it. We bought it a few years before owls got big (ridiculously big); so it looks a little trendy these days, but also has a timeless quality. And it will be living in that spot long past the owl trend.


  1. I don't think the owl trend is going away anytime soon and that's a beauty! I can't keep anything MCM owl related in the store! Not that I want to :)

    1. You're probably right. It seems to just be getting more and more popular. I love owls (obviously), but it's getting a little crazy.