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I try to avoid it, but every once in a while I end up talking about this blog in-person with someone. It's not that I'm not proud of everything I post or that I don't love this blog or mid-century homes / atomic ranches and want to talk about them endlessly with people; it's just that I understand that, for my generation, the phrase, "So I've got this blog..." is equivalent to, "You should stop listening to me now."

But the last time some friends and I ended up on the topic of who writes a blog (everyone) and who's making enough money off it to retire early (no one), one of them said, "Your blog sounds a little like Dave's, Japanese Trash."

As someone who reads too many blogs already, I was hesitant to add another to my reader, but I did and you should too. Japanese Trash is well worth the minute or two it takes to read each post and if you can't find design inspiration for your home in at least one post, you're doing something wrong.

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