Broyhill Brasilia Dining Table and Chest in Austin

Uptown Modern currently has a Broyhill Brasilia dresser and dining table in stock. 


If you're in Austin, Uptown Modern is one of the best locations to find vintage Broyhill Premier furniture (and mid-century furniture in general). It's where we picked up our Broyhill Sculptra desk.


  1. What is the price for each of your featured pieces?

    1. These are available at Uptown Modern in Austin. You'll have to get in touch with them for prices.

    2. I realize that contacting the business is an option, but since you were featuring the pieces (or perhaps you were showcasing the store and not the individual pieces), I figured you might know the prices.

    3. No, sorry don't know the prices. Just letting anyone interested know where they can go to find some Broyhill Brasilia.