Mad Men Video Game

To celebrate the upcoming fifth season of Mad Men, The Fine Brothers have created Mad Men: The Game on YouTube. Now you can drink and smoke with Don, Pete, Sterling and the gang.

There's at least three layers of retro: mid-century Mad Men, '80s 8-bit games and and old-school choose-your-own-adventure story telling. Rumor has it there's at least three different endings.


  1. Hilarious! I definitely won't wear shoes in Bert Cooper's office after playing one round of this game.

  2. I had to e-mail this to my wife who is a Huge! Mad Men fan...She is soooo looking forward to the new season! Being in the vintage clothing and collectable business for years has had it's effect! I love the retro furniture and decor, but have to say I don't have time to watch the show.. I may have to break down and take a peek at a few episodes from time to time. I hear it's well written.

    1. We catch it on Netflix. We're always a season behind, but we can get through a whole season in a week or two. The vintage clothing is one of the best parts so you should definitely watch a show or two (at least). And it is really well written to boot.