Room Service Vintage, Austin, TX

Photo by: Dan Machold

One of my favorite vintage stores in Austin, Room Service Vintage, received a write up in Impact News. Besides being a nice little read about a great local store, there are some very telling quotes within the article.

According to Room Service's store manager, “Austin’s a tough place to find resale stuff anymore, so we have to find it ourselves — my husband and I are taking a trip to go to Minnesota.”

And, "We get customers that come in two or three times a week because they see how quickly we move stuff around. The store is like a treasure hunt for a lot of people.”

I can attest to that last bit, Room Service Vintage is like a wonderful treasure hunt. And when you see something you like, you should buy it right away. I'm still kicking myself for not purchasing a love seat that I loved but needed a day to think about; it was gone when I went back.

Other point of note, Room Service Vintage is starting a frequent shopper program that will offer rewards to returning customers. I'll have to stop in and get my card soon.

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  1. I love Room Service Vintage too. I've driven from Fort Worth to Austin on more than one occasion to pick up something from them. Thanks for the heads up about the frequent shopper program!