Multi-Colored Pendant Light

A while back I was obsessing about 50s style diner pendant lights (or dive bar lights depending on your point of reference). I was looking for the style of light pictured above and couldn't find anything. I should have known that Retro Revolution would have the answer. The exact light I had in mind was the Moe Light Fiesta multi-colored pendant light in red, orange and yellow. Fellow nerds will know it as the lights that they had in the bar on Scrubs.

However, my better half pointed out that if you hang a pendant light in an area that was formally a formal dining room, people will expect you to put a table under it. That, or you should expect people to bump their heads on it. So my obsession with finding a multi-colored pendant light is over. However it looks like Moe Light made a Fiesta hall light too.


  1. Although a long way from Austin (love your city especially SXSW) I have a very similar swagged light that is exactly the same color as the one you have pictured and it makes a great corner lamp for the right space. I love any MCM lighting and we have a really nice collection in the store. For any of your followers that might be close to the Tampa Bay area and are interested we have a FB page with lots of in store pics including the lamp mentioned. Just search for us at Kaleidoscope for the home here in Tampa. Really enjoy your blog and keep on posting!

  2. Just bought a pair of fiesta Moe lights ( ceiling hugger and pendant pull down) on ebay. Love them! Trying to find a new 12 1/2 inch diffuser for the ceiling hugger as it shattered upon shipping. Going to install in the formal dining area as I gradually convert the house to a mid century look. Love your blog. Will have to check out Scrubs to see the lights at that bar!

    1. Thanks for the kind word, happy reading. Good luck finding a diffuser - replacing broken mid-century part can be tricky. Hopefully this won't be.