Mid-Century Neighborhoods in Austin: Highland

Highland, Austin TX
There isn't much information to be found about the Highland neighborhood, but we did consider it when we were looking for a mid-century home so I felt it should be added to the list of mid-century neighborhoods in Austin. As our real estate agent put it, "it has the style of home you're looking for (mid-century) in a neighborhood that hasn't been found by everyone else yet." A lot of people might consider Highland a bit rough around the edges right now, but it's fairly family friendly and getting friendlier. And generally, mid-century homes are a little cheaper in Highland than in the surrounding neighborhoods.

Highland is directly north of the Northfield neighborhood (aka North Loop), which is one of the best spots for vintage shopping in Austin, and east of Brentwood. It shares a lot connections with Brentwood, including a combined neighborhood plan.

Housing Data From the 2000 census
Total housing units: 7,081
Homes built between 1940 and 1959: 1,142 (16.3%)
Median housing value: $89,300
Median mortgage: $887
Household population: 17,790
Average household size: 2.59
Average family size: 3.47
Owner-occupied housing: 66.2%
Renter-occupied housing: 33.8%
Median age: 27.1

Highland Neighborhood Association

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