Mid-Century Austin Find: Knock Off Broyhill Brasilia Round Table

This table for sale on Austin craigslist is not a Broyhill Brasilia Round Table with pedestal base, but it had me fooled for a second. This is what a Broyhill Brasilia round dining table looks like: it has a split so you can add leaves and the swoops are closer to the ground. But, even knowing this table isn't the real Broyhill deal, it's still a gorgeous table at a decent price.


  1. I had the Brasilia round dining room table. They look good but you can never scoot the chairs all the way "in". It drove me nuts. I traded it (and as set of six orig. "bird" upholstered seat pads) for a nicely refinished rectangle standard leg Brasilia table. Ahhhhh....that's better.

    The table above sure is neat though! I wonder if maybe it's not a Kent Coffey Perspecta round pedestal table.

  2. The ad on CL has been deleted. Somebody in town finally realized what a find it was.

  3. @Mr. Modtomic: I'm generally not a fan of pedestal table for that very reason. And I think you might be right, and wrote about it: http://ouraustinhome.blogspot.com/2011/06/kent-coffey-perspecta-dining-table.html

    @Dana: Good to hear that someone in Austin finally came to their senses. It's a great table for someone, sadly we just don't have room for it. Oh, if I could save every pretty piece of mid-century furniture in this town.