Mid-Century Patio Bench

Our front patio is in need of a bench. There's a spot in the bushes where the old owner put their grill.
We're keeping the grill in the backyard, so we need something to fill the space and some additional seating would be nice.

So I went on a hunt for mid-century benches. Here's what I found.

The uber modern benches (that are uber expensive):
Luma Designer settee

Etra wood settee

Talt Bench

The modern benches that I'm not sure would hold up outside, but have a great mid-century design:
Gus Modern Return bench

Nelson Platform bench

Zeta bench

The you-live-in-Texas retro metal glider bench:

The serious contenders:
Achla Square on Squares bench

Mendocino bench

A Torrans metal glider, we'd probably do a Bellaire metal glider in turquoise or a Thunderbird in aqua

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