Mid-Century Neighborhoods in Austin: Rosedale

Rosedale, Austin TX
The Rosedale neighborhood is located directly south of Allandale and Brentwood. Rosedale is probably known more for cottages, bungalows and modern builds than mid-century homes, which is why is perfect for finding that mid-century starter home. As the Rosedale neighborhood association puts it:
The majority of the homes in the Rosedale area were built during the 1930s and 1940s, giving them an allure not found with newer construction. The many renovation projects and new construction throughout the neighborhood lend a sense of vitality and renewal. The population of the neighborhood is a fabulous blend of young families, single professionals, and original owners who raised their children here and have many tales to tell.
Located in north central Austin, Rosedale is walking distance from Burnet Rd. — home to some of the best greasy-spoon diners, dive bars and vintage furniture stores in Austin.

Much of the land now known as the Rosedale neighborhood was first purchased by George Spear from the Republic of Texas in 1841. After his death the Rosedale neighborhood, like many neighborhoods in this area of Austin, was turned into farmland, sometime in or around 1866. In the early 1900s, Frank Taylor Ramsey, namesake of Ramsey park, turned a large parcel of that farmland into a nursery, which is why there are many large trees throughout Rosedale. In 1929, the land south of current-day Ramsey park was divided into lots and named Rosedale A, after the many Rosedale Arbor Vitae evergreens in the area. In 1931, the rest of the Rosedale neighborhood was divided into lots, then called Rosedale B, and in 1933 the Ramsey family donated the land that's now Ramsey Park to the city of Austin, which dedicated the park in 1934 after purchasing some adjoining lots.

Housing Data From the 2000 census
Total housing units: 4,157
Homes built between 1940 and 1959: 1,962 (47.2%)
Median year built: 1959
Median housing value: $171,600
Median mortgage: $1,300
Household population: 7,128
Average household size: 1.8
Average family size: 2.78
Owner-occupied housing: 39.8%
Renter-occupied housing: 60.2%
Median age: 35.2

Rosedale Neighborhood Association

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