Done: Fix attic light

When we were buying our house a friend told me, "Inspectors should be called lookers - they don't actually inspect anything, they just look around the house." A bit harsh, but his next sentence was a bit of gold that everyone should follow, "Always have a trusted contractor look through the house too."

Many of the things on our to-do list are things that showed up on the inspector's list. We want to make sure that when we go to sell the house (many, many years from now) that all of these things have been looked into an properly fixed for the next owners. That's how "Fix the attic light" ended up on the list: The inspector's note was that the light didn't turn on at all.

I forgot this was an item on our list till I was going into the attic last night. I flipped the switch at the base of the attic stairs and the light came on, just as it has ever since we moved in. My guess is that the inspector did flip this switch when he went into the attic, and instead just pulled the chain hanging from light itself.

Even though nothing had to be fixed, we're calling this "project" done.

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