The Best Backyard Plans

We were finally getting to a point where we knew what we wanted to do with the backyard. We had picked a mid-century walkway design, we had a pretty good idea where the plants were going and I had a rough idea of what the new light covers were going to look like.

Then we had the hot tub repair man out for an annual cleaning. The hot tub has always been one of those "nice to have, but we would have never put it in" things. The previous owners put it in, and up to this point it hasn't been any trouble. But after many years and a winter of sitting the tub needs some work. Too much work.

So now all of our backyard plans are out the window. We'll take out the hot tub, which means we no longer need a walkway to the hot tub, or ground lights to light the way. We'll probably also rethink the plant layout once the tub is gone. In the end, it will probably be best because it will give us a lot more grass/open area for the little one to play in.

When you own a mid-century home, sometimes it's best not to make plans too far in advance.

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