Mid-Century Walkway

Added to our to-do list recently was to take out the current wood walkway and put in a new one. The current walkway is nice(Sweet animal statues moved with the previous owners.) But with a little one running around now - or more accurately in a few months, we'd like some more green space.

So we're going to lose the walkway from the back patio area to the hot tub (the one coming towards you in the photo) and have a single walkway from the carport. We're also going to get rid of a good bit of the stone, only keeping the section against the fence where the plants are, and change the covers on the ground lights (the things that look like upside down pots... because they are upside down pots).

Thinking is cement block form, I drew up some possibilities

Then I went online to find pics of what things might look like

I still can't decide, but I think we're got some good options to work with, once we actually start the work.

Last image thanks to Retro Renovation.

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  1. I wish you much success with your plans to create your dream ranch house. I like the pavers in all the photos.