Ads for Mid-Century Door Knobs

A few more amazing mid-century door knob advertisements.

Lock Fashions by Schlage (check out some other Schlage mid-century back plates)
National Lock Set
brings the modern mode to every doorWhether you're building, remodeling or buying a home...
Look at the latch
Be sure it reads - Kwikset


  1. I found your blog via and was reading this entry today and had to share that I found 2 of the ones in the Schlag ad "look at the latch" just recently in an old, old hardware store in Newberry, SC and was thrilled. They are new-old-stock in the town's hardware store that is still up and running and the man in there is worth the trip alone. I'm going to put them on our door once we repair it and I can't wait. I want Crestview Door inserts and my new Starburst latch plates.

    Thanks for blog is

  2. Wow, what a find! I love old, local shops for that very reason. Please share pics once you've got your door done - I'd love to see how things turn out.