VW Bus Wagon for Kids

I have a mini obsession with VW buses. Once we're to a stage where we're no longer hauling precious cargo around (the type that needs a baby seat and/or airbags), and my current car turns its last key, I'm planning/hoping/scheming to get an old-school VW camper bus.

However this VW bus wagon, which we spotted at the park, would be perfect for kids.

I asked the dad attached to the handle about it and it turns out he took a fire truck wagon, stripped it down, repainted it and added a few VW touches. That's a lot of work for a wagon, but it is one kickin' VW bus wagon.


  1. My daughter shares your obsession with VW buses. She'd love this for her boys!

  2. Actually what I said was that the original version that I made for my son, when he was two, was a fire truck, but that when I made this one for my daughter, I made it look like a VW instead, since she didn't really care much for fire trucks. She heard the story so many times that now she wants a fire truck too. So, for Christmas, I built her a VW fire truck, the best of both worlds. The bigger point being that I make these things from scratch. Plywood, steel, aluminum parts all hand made, and yes they do steer also.
    Thanks for posting the picture. Dan Coulbury,