Mid-Century Modern Home Image Solved

I love my readers. And I love that they oftentimes know more about mid-century stuff than me.

Yesterday I posted about a mysterious mid-century modern home image that I loved and that same day, not only had a reader tracked it down, but they pointed me to a Flickr set with all of the images in the series, which everyone should check out. Much like the mystery image, if I saw any of these homes in real life, I'd have to move in.

The image I saw is actually a cropped version, this is considered the full one:

Although, the cropped image is wider than the full – you see the full chair on the right and more of the wall unit – so there might be an even larger version out there.

I guessed right, it's an ad for an electronics company, Motorola to be specific. They were ads to highlight Motorola's products: radios and their new 19-inch, black-and-white TV. The ads were paired with the tagline, “Fresh from Motorola... new leader in the lively art of electronics.” They were produced in 1961 and the art was done by Charles Schridde.

According to the Business Insider:
Schridde was a painter that loved depicting the Wild West, but he had previously done automotive ad work. He was assigned the Motorola account while working at New Center Studios in Detroit after winning an in-house contest to depict "a neat place to watch TV."
A neat place to watch TV; that's quite an understatement.


  1. The whole series was incredible. Thanks so much for sharing that!

  2. That's just too much fun! Thanks for passing along!